Apr 12 2014

After ending their 22-year hiatus and triumphantly returning to the stage at Riot Fest last year, the Replacements had marked Coachella as the next step in their long-overdue comeback. The legendary Minneapolis post-punk collective may have been listed in the second-biggest font on the 2014 Coachella bill, but their performance on Friday night Apr. 11 produced a staggeringly small crowd at the Outdoor Theatre, where artists like Lorde, Pharrell Williams and Lana Del Rey are scheduled to play later this weekend. Only a few hundred festival-goers watched Paul Westerberg and co. perform their first show in California since 1991, and perhaps as an acknowledgement of the low turnout, Westerberg slathered all of his commentary with a fresh coat of bitterness after taking the stage at 8:45 PM.

via Coachella 2014: The Replacements Soldier Through Problematic Performance | Billboard.


Jason Slatton

Sat Apr 12, 2014 at 10:14 am · ·

Hmmm…the video I saw certainly didn’t look like “a few hundred,” and perhaps Mr. Lipshutz should employ some fact-checkers re: who’s playing lead guitar and who isn’t.

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