First thing you should know. I am not Paul Westerberg. I don’t know Paul Westerberg. I’m just a doofy fangirl. My name is Jodi. I’m a freakishly-tall writer who lives in Minnesota. Really. I am not Paul Westerberg. Let me repeat that one more time: I am not Paul Westerberg.

Got that?


So, do you want to know about Paul Westerberg? I’d like to point you to his entry on Wikipedia.

Do you want to know more about this site? Read on.

Well, I started it for two reasons.

First: all the other Paul Westerberg sites seemed to be woefully out of date*, hard to navigate, and poorly designed. I thought Paul deserved a better-looking site that looked like it wasn’t created at the dawn of time with FrontPage.

Second: I detest censorship with a passion. I was a member of a Paul Westerberg message board for years and met some of my best friends (for real, like in real-life) through that site. But the tyranny of the message-board’s owner drove me away. Instead of bitching about the injustice, I took my toys and built my own sandbox. It’s the beauty of the web, it’s expansive and there is room for all of us.

So yes, what the world needs now is another Paul Westerberg site like I need a hole in my head. But here it is. You’ll find the general news type stuff, tour dates, concert reviews, big, goobery excitement about upcoming records and shows.

Enjoy! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me (Jodi, who is not Paul Westerberg).

Love you in the fall,
Jodi, Queen of the Underground

P.S. The site is always work in progress. Do you have any ideas? Let us know. In the meantime we’ll be working the kinks out as we go. You know how it is.

*Re: woefully out of date. . . pot, kettle, black. . . it’s hard to stay up-to-date when the man in the spotlight of the site doesn’t release new music all the time. We do our best with what we got.

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