Aug 12 2009

Aquarium Drunkard has an awesome, awesome discussion of Can’t Hardly Wait (and even a Part II). Read all the comments, and prepare to lose a chunk of your afternoon. I love Can’t Hardly Wait (I have 26 versions of it in my iTunes, and that’s only because I am too lazy to go cherry pick

Sep 27 2007

It’s time to wrap up my little nerdy journey through the history of one song. This week’s videos show that there are a lot of bands who are also fans of this song. The only one I have witnessed knocking out a Can’t Hardly Wait is Dash Rip Rock from New Orleans, but judging from

Sep 17 2007

The concept of the live show sing-along seems silly at times. Sometimes the song seems purposely written for drunken fans to shout the chorus. Kiss – Rock And Roll All Nite and pretty much every Bon Jovi song seem to fit that bill. But Kiss and Bon Jovi are stadium-headlining-rockstars. They have the ability to

Sep 6 2007

This week features a video from Paul Westerberg’s solo debut on Saturday Night Live. His return to the show was a bit surprising, considering after the 1985 Mats’ wild appearance was met with the anger of producer Lorne Michaels. After cranking out a rockin’ Knockin’ On Mine, PW and band returned later in the show

Aug 30 2007

After Pleased To Meet Me, Can’t Hardly Wait was pretty much unchanged when the Mats’ played it live. Their live act found a touch of stability as they played larger venues and did an opening stint for Tom Petty. The number of covers played drop significantly and the older Twin Tone songs started dropping off

Aug 23 2007

This week contains a double shot of Can’t Hardly Wait. They are taken from the recording sessions for Pleased To Meet Me in Memphis produced by Jim Dickinson, producer of Big Star’s Third/Sister Lovers. The lyrics have changed, references to climbing a water tower, and the possiblity of jumping off (I can’t hardly wait…..’til it’s

Aug 15 2007

This week’s CHW comes from a turning point in the band’s future. After lengthy touring in support of Let It Be, The Mats went into the studio with Alex Chilton in January of 1985 to begin work on their next Twin Tone release. Not many of these tracks are available. Left Of The Dial from

Aug 8 2007

This week’s Can’t Hardly Wait comes from the First Avenue mainroom on September 1st of 1984. A bold choice, leading off your hometown set with a song you haven’t nailed down the lyrics for. No mention of water towers, or Jesus here. Sounds more like off-the-cuff ramblings. Any expert ears want to try to transcribe?

Aug 1 2007

Can’t Hardly Wait, A Retrospective: Origins

By Wolfdog | Comments Off on Can’t Hardly Wait, A Retrospective: Origins

To me, it’s one of the defining songs of the Replacements. Ranging from 2 years prior to it’s ‘official’ release in 1986 until the 2nd to last song played at their Grant Park farewell, this song had a long and varied history in their live act… well as at least 5 studio versions. I’m going