Nov 21 2008

Since posting that “Answering Machine” cover on Tuesday, I’ve been thinking of ‘Mats songs that I wish women would cover. Okay, that’s kind of a lie. I’ve been thinking about it since I typed that title up there. So here is my holy three wishlist: Liz Phair, If Only You Were Lonely Lucinda Williams, Here

Nov 6 2008

Some week the “In the Blogs” feature will return, but lately I’ve been much too lazy to dig through all the B.S. posts. Actually, I’ve been really quite busy doing stuff that doesn’t include reading through 83,183 Google alerts about “replacements” for some soccer team and how Lizzie in Tacoma was feeling a little down

Oct 31 2008

You know the songs I’m talking about. The songs with that sort of repetitive nature. I will show you my list and then you’ll know: 1. Eyes Like Sparks 2. Folk Star 3. Be Bad For Me Also up for consideration but ultimately dismissed Jingle, 5:05, Seein’ Her, and Makin’ Me Go.

Oct 16 2008

I’ve given this list a full 38 seconds of thought, so I present you with the three most heartbreaking songs in Paul Westerberg’s solo catalog: 1. Bookmark 2. Only Lie Worth Telling 3. Whatever Makes You Happy Discuss. Oh yes, I almost had three off of Suicaine (my favs solo Westerberg album) but I changed

Oct 6 2008

I’ve pondered this idea for about seven minutes so you know it is right and true and well-thought out. But here are three most iconic ‘Mats songs of all time. Are you ready for this: 1. Can’t Hardly Wait 2. Bastards of Young 3. Here Comes a Regular Shocked? Appalled? Yeah me too, because I