Jan 22 2008

For years, the inspiration behind the Mat’s magnum opus Buck Hill has been as shrouded in mystery as the meaning behind that Phil Collins song.  But no more.         “I am the inspiration for Buck Hill.”    “No, I am the inspiration for Buck Hill.”    “Of course, I am the inspiration for Buck Hill.”    “Yes,

Jan 14 2008

The first time i heard Paul Westerberg’s “Crackle and Drag” I was sitting by myself in the Guthrie Theater wondering if he was ever gonna play “I Will Dare.” You can tell just by listening to the MP3 that that audience was floored by the song. one, it was new, none of us had ever

Jan 9 2008

Like lots of you out there in Westerbergia, I really wasn’t thrilled by Suicane the first time I heard it. Or the third.  But then something phunney happened on the way to Minnesota…   I love ‘Sunrise Always Listens.’ Love it. I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority here, seems a lot of folkers don’t

Oct 25 2007

Okay. I’m working on this funky project thing that is going to remain shrouded in semi-secret for a bit here. However, in the creation of this semi-secret project I need some help from you, the smartest, most best Westernerds ever. What I need is a great gob of Westerberg/’Mats one-liners. You know the lyrics that

Sep 27 2007

It’s time to wrap up my little nerdy journey through the history of one song. This week’s videos show that there are a lot of bands who are also fans of this song. The only one I have witnessed knocking out a Can’t Hardly Wait is Dash Rip Rock from New Orleans, but judging from

Sep 19 2007

A friend of mine who shall remain nameless (Blasty) has for sometime now fought a losing battle to convince us all that the fateful line in ‘I Will Dare’ is ‘bacon and cigarettes’, NOT ‘fingernails and cigarettes’. Like most others, I’ve been quietly amused by his hopeless inaccuracy (as well as his dated style of

Sep 17 2007

The concept of the live show sing-along seems silly at times. Sometimes the song seems purposely written for drunken fans to shout the chorus. Kiss – Rock And Roll All Nite and pretty much every Bon Jovi song seem to fit that bill. But Kiss and Bon Jovi are stadium-headlining-rockstars. They have the ability to

Sep 15 2007

Here’s the thing about running a contest: it’s really a lot of fun to be able to offer people a chance to go see the invite-only Paul Westerberg MGD The Craft Show at First Ave. It’s really not any fun at all to only get to choose four people to go. I didn’t expect the

Sep 13 2007

On the Bus

By boyo46 | 1 Comment

So, I am a NY transplant loving the ease with which one can navigate this crumbling, verdant little city. Like all great art, the ‘Mats are being discovered by gens x,y and z. The tech guy from my last job in NY, sent right from central casting, 28, almost tenured, brilliant, 19 lbs. and a

Sep 12 2007

Talent Show

By pl | Comments Off on Talent Show

Today, Talent Show is my favorite song. Now I Wonder, A Star Is Bored, Can’t Hardly Wait, Love Untold, Sixteen Blue, Androgynous, Within Your Reach along with many others could easily take its place on any other day though. One of the reasons I like TS so much is the many ad-libs done in this