Apr 30 2011

Tune in on Wednesday, May 4th, for Replacements Day on 89.3 The Current. We’ll be playing a different Replacements song every hour all day long—so if you’re a Mats fan, be sure to keep listening all day to hear ’em all. In the meantime, check out our Replacements trivia quiz, favorite album poll and CD

Feb 8 2011

A rare show from the 80’s, along with a recording of the the band harmonizing on the side of the road – trying unsuccessfully to hitch a ride. Go to the bottom of the page for a show by Jefferson’s Cock, a band in which PW would join in at times. Not sure if he’s

May 8 2008

Well it ain’t lost yet so it’s gotta be a winner. Let It Be, dominant throughout the whole tournament, prevailed 38-25 over Tim in the championship match. What put Let It Be over the top? Was it the reissue, Jodi’s campaigning, or Lay It Down Clown? Check out how the final bracket shaped out as

May 5 2008

And then there were two… Well not literally those two obviously, but their namesakes. It’s Let It Be vs Tim for the the championship. And you thought deciding between All Shook Down and Hootenanny was tough! Voting open till end of day Wednesday. Thursday we crown a champion. Vote here!

Apr 29 2008

We’re down to the Final Four and, just like this year’s men’s basketball Final Four, it’s all number one seeds.  Much to the dismay of some, Hootenanny just couldn’t keep up with All Shook Down.  Here’s where we stand (right click to embiggen)

Apr 24 2008

We’re into the Elite Eight folks!  Not many surprises in Round 2.  14 Songs put up a good fight but with the reissues coming out I expected Sorry Ma to beat it.  I thought Once, Twice might give All Shook Down a run for its money, but not so much.  Without question though the match

Apr 19 2008

So there’s been issues raised with the legitimacy of the voting since people can vote more than once in each round.  Therefore I’m pulling the plug on the current voting in round 2 and asking you to kindly redirect all your voting to the following site: Vote here You should only be able to vote

Apr 17 2008

All right, we’re into the Sweet Sixteen!  What did we learn from Round 1?  Well, I learned that folks REALLY like Tommy!  All 4 Tommy albums are still alive while less than half of Paul’s solo stuff survived.  Here’s the updated bracket (right click or control click to embiggen): And here’s the link to the

Apr 9 2008

Mats Madness!

By Some Guy | Comments 43

OK, here we go to settle once and for all (yeah right) which is the best Replacements or Replacements related album.  Here’s the bracket (right click or control click to get a better view) In order to come out to a nice even number to make the bracket work best, I included everybody’s solo albums