May 9 2015

All 149 ‘Mats Songs Ranked

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Editor’s note: OF course you won’t agree. Still pretty good attempt at an epic task. 23. “Favorite Thing” (Let It Be) – Bar “I Will Dare,” this song was likely included on more romantically-themed (or romantically-hopeful) mix tapes passed by Replacements fans than any other. It also has a fascinating structure to it; forget about

Mar 18 2015

Sold out: Replacements’ “Let It Be” on Twin/Tone vinyl | Artcetera |

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The party is over for the Replacements’ “Let It Be” on original Twin/Tone vinyl. Thirty-one years after the legendary album hit stores, the last sealed copy of it from Twin/Tone Records’ original stock pressing was sold earlier this week, according to Twin Cities record retail guru John Kass. Thus, for at least the next few

Oct 2 2014

Craig Finn on His Favorite Minneapolis Dive Bar –

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I had a rock gig flyer collection that covered the walls of my bedroom. Many of the advertised shows had taken place at the Uptown, but I was unable to get past the doorman. Each week I would look at the Uptown’s show calendar in City Pages. The shows would taunt me: local favorites like

Sep 26 2012

Bob Dylan on The Replacements

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From The Current’s post about a story in The New Yorker which ends with this nice little quote: “When the song was over, Dylan, who was wearing a hoodie, said, “You guys rehearse much?,” and then walked out.” Read the whole thing at the The Current.

Apr 30 2011

Tune in on Wednesday, May 4th, for Replacements Day on 89.3 The Current. We’ll be playing a different Replacements song every hour all day long—so if you’re a Mats fan, be sure to keep listening all day to hear ’em all. In the meantime, check out our Replacements trivia quiz, favorite album poll and CD

Dec 31 2009

Today’s Mr. Paul Westerberg’s 50th birthday. Yesterday the Strib ran a nice piece about the old man. “Starting in the 1980s, the Replacements injected a much-needed dose of mischief into a musical environment close to being overtaken by poseurs and synth-rock. Westerberg and his bandmates Tommy Stinson, Chris Mars and Bob Stinson took their direction

May 18 2009

Do you ever get into one of those modes where you can’t seem to stop listening to a certain song? I do. Today it’s “Kiss Me on the Bus.” I don’t know what it is about the song that’s clicking with me today, but it is. I am going to boldy state that this is

Apr 13 2009

Sometimes I wonder if part of the reason I have such a soft spot for Craig Finn of The Hold Steady is his love of The Replacements. Don’t get me wrong, I really do enjoy the music of The Hold Steady, but the esteem my tender heart holds for Mr. Finn is quickly approaching the

Mar 26 2009

Whenever Gary’s Got a Boner comes on Evangeline, my iPod, I shuffle past it. Trip Shakespeare, my cubemate, agrees. I feel so much better confessing that to you. How the hell y’all westernerds been?

Oct 16 2008

Crawdaddy’s kick ass interview with Peter Jesperson regarding the reissues. Yes, there will be a quiz. I was going to pull a quote to entice you, but they’re all to good. Go read it!