May 25 2013

Neil Young insists that if the dog gets up and leaves, whatever you are writing stinks. There is truth here. Phony blues wailing or an ill-suited style attempt will send my own dog running. Yet when it’s so right it’s scary my four-legged audience is guaranteed though I must say he’s yet to come up

Dec 5 2012

Well, it’s a Christmas treat if you’re not a Westerberg completist. Over at The Local Current you can find a newish Christmas-y single “Away in the Manger.” While Andrea reveals where the song came from, be honest. . . do you even remember this one?

Sep 21 2012

Sweet! There’s a new song from Paul Westerberg and better yet I get to share it with you. Download My Road Now (right click, command click, save as. . . you know how to do that right?)! Happy Friday.

Nov 1 2011

“Westerberg — who has been out of the public eye for about five years now and famously didn’t appear in the Replacements’ video for “Bastards of Young” — makes a surprising yet typically coy cameo appearance in the video for the title track of Campbell’s acclaimed new album, “Ghost on the Canvas.” The video actually

May 18 2011

Paul Westerburg: The Replacements’ frontman displayed the punk rock power in the Melody Maker’s pickups, using his 1962 model for classic songs like “Answering Machine.” With plenty of growl in both of their voices, Westerburg found his perfect foil in the guitar. Ten Melody Maker Monsters: Joan Jett, Keith Richards, Paul Westerburg, Robbie Krieger And

Nov 1 2010

I got my Mr.F single in the mail today, along with the download card for Grandpaboy’s Last Stand. Sadly, the songs on the 45 are not available for download, at least not that I can see. So, I’m going to have to wait until someone digitizes the songs to actually listen to them since I

May 20 2010

Well, he already did I guess. Boo. According to the Strib: “The Replacements frontman reserfaced yesterday, and the surface he chose was the turf at Target Field. He was filmed there for an in-the-works documentary “40 Nights of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Am I the absolute last to know everything? Check out the itinerary of the

Mar 28 2010

Did y’all see this about Glen Campbell’s new album? “Meanwhile, Raymond said, “an unbelievable amount of people” wanted to be part of the current project, which will feature all original material. Westerberg wrote the title track, and other collaborators include members of the Dandy Warhols, guitarist Steve Hunter, former Prince cohort Wendy Melvoin and drummer

Dec 11 2009

You heard it here last. . . Bug music snatches up Paul Westerberg. Do you think that means we’ll get a new, non-basement tapes album from the weirdo? I sure as hell hope so. What say ye? BONUS Random Skyway video with David de Young of helping Jim Walsh and friends with the lyrics

Sep 20 2009

Did you know there was going to be a new Paul Westerberg EP released on Tuesday, September 22nd? Me neither. I’m a bad fangirl. But there it is, PW & The Ghost Gloves Cat Wing Joy Boys. You can also order it on CD. Super sweet, it’s about damn time.