Nov 25 2013

Album Review: Various Artists, Songs for Slim | The Current

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When former Replacements guitarist Bob “Slim” Dunlap suffered a stroke in January 2012, it didnt take long for his musical friends and admirers to offer their services to help his family cover the massive medical costs associated with Slims long, slow road towards recovery by agreeing to record Slims songs. The end result is more

Sep 29 2008

I still haven’t gotten the reissues but Flowering Toilet is showing that the sound quality on the Pleased to Meet Me reissue is actually worse than the original. Have any of you noticed any problems? Do you have to have really good ears to notice this kind of thing?

Sep 26 2008

You can read the review here. Y’all will have to tell me if they got it right or wrong. I haven’t heard this batch of reissues, so I have no idea. Also, on an unrelated matter, you will be happy to know that Paste Magazine has finally realized that I am not Paul Westerberg.

Aug 28 2008

With apologies, I would like to politely disagree with Jim and Jay regarding Finally Once Here. If you go read the comments on that lyrics pages, you’ll see that these er, gentlemen, find this new song off 3oclockreep to be a sad ending or sequel to either “Bastards of Young” or “Achin’ to Be.” They

Aug 15 2008

Hey Gang, first of all remember how I was telling you the other day to go read David Carr’s The Night of the Gun? Well, I am going to up that another notch and encourage you to go see him read if at all possible. His appearance schedule is here (VT, NH, Seattle, LA, DC,

Jul 31 2008

The always delightful Aquarium Drunkard weighs in on 49:00 with a thoughtful review that includes this wonderful summation: As surprising and unexpected as the delivery method is, just as surprising and unexpected is how good Westerberg sounds across all nearly forty-four minutes. Replacements fans who had given up on Paul, Paul fans who had given

Jul 28 2008

Is anyone as surprised as I am by the 7.1 Pitchfork gave 49:00? I’m having a tough time with this record. I enjoy it, especially the utter rawness. However, I am still wondering if it would have generated so much buzz had it not been a 49-cent downloadable album. Is the marketing overpowering the music?

Jul 25 2008

1. Some people love me, they’re creaming (Really, did he say that on Out of My System? If so, I am totally creaming) 2. Proof that Our Man Paul wants me to happy? ANOTHER song with talk of hips. Not many of you know this, but I have a hips fetish and I collect songs