Nov 6 2011

Things might get a little wonky

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I’m in the midst of moving the site to a new server. Things might be a bit wonky while the DNS shakes out and I bumble my way through this giant pain the ass process. Wish me luck! Okay, things seems to be shaking out okay. If you notice anything broken or particularly goofy, please

Sep 8 2008

Dear Mike, I am not Paul Westerberg. I am Jodi. I am sure Paul would love the fact that you like the way he sings eyes in Be My Darling. He’d also be thrilled that your cat says hi. However, I am not Paul Westerberg and therefore I cannot answer your questions regarding the release

Aug 28 2008

As many of you who follow the comments know I had a few issues with getting 3oclockreep. It seems that when you use a PayPal e-check you have to wait roughly a fortnight for it to clear before you can download your music. Which sort of defeats the purpose of the instant gratification that digital

Aug 18 2008

We need more regular features here on Paul You know how we got Video Tuesday and In the Blogs, we need more things like that. Why don’t you suggest some, okay? Because my ideas so far haven’t been all that great: 1. Jay Taco’s weekly cracker review — this week the Wheat Thin, vile

Jul 27 2008

A lame housekeeping note

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I upgraded the Forum today. I noticed there were a few problems logging in, I’m hoping it fixes the problem. If not, you should try logging in through the WordPress login. If you have problems or questions, e-mail me at Ugh. Okay it seems even after the upgrade the problem persists. I’m sorry. Apparently

Jul 19 2008

Rumor has it the 49 minutes for 49 cents hooha may be delayed until Monday. You know that somewhere an IT guy (or gal) is spazzing because someone decided it was a good idea to launch something on a Saturday. We’ll get you the link as soon as we get it. Or as soon as

May 25 2008

On Friday I attended my friend Scooter’s wedding. To some of you, the name might ring a bell. I first met Scooter on the Man Without Ties Message Board and then I met him in the flesh at Liquor Lyle’s before the first Paul Westerberg Pantages show back in, hrm, 2004? I wasn’t the only

Apr 4 2008

Dear Sorry Ma, The Poll has decided conclusively that you’re the Ralph Nader of the ‘Mats discography. Nice try taking me on. I’m gonna have to do something about that pesky Tim getting in my way. Sorry loser! Love you in the fall, I Will Dare and the rest of the Let it Be gang.

Dec 3 2007

So last week I went to go see Jim Walsh read at the Barnes & Noble in the Galleria. I always say it’s the on at the Galleria, because I like to say Galleria and when I write I actually say all the stuff I’m writing in my head. While I was there, I got

Nov 29 2007

I know many of you are distraught about yesterday’s lack of the “In the Blogs” feature. I’m sorry. I was busy. I went to go see Jim Walsh read and then I had a short story due for class and then I got laid off from my job. But I can promise you that tomorrow