Oct 29 2007

I’ve been asked this question with much to say in praise of him, but he’s a character that is difficult to pinpoint the genius in. I see it most in his lyrics and musical delivery… The appeal for me is an emotional connection to the lyrics and interest in wordplay. Also his sound is pretty

Jul 27 2007

I am that guy.  The one who didn’t know who Paul Westerberg was until ‘Singles’ came out. The one who was listening to 1984 in 1984, not ‘Let it Be’. The one who looked vaguely uncomfortable at the ‘Come Feel Me Tremble’ shows because they weren’t in an arena.  I am that guy. The one

Jul 22 2007

…and they call out “Where am I?” There has been many moments where I have been emotionally affected by a performance. Here Comes A Regular in Milwaukee 2005 and Crackle & Drag at the 1st Guthrie night 2002 for example. But what really got me was A Star Is Bored near the end of the

Jul 21 2007

I discovered Paul Westerberg and The Replacements at a time in my life where every single song I heard by Westerberg seemed to be about me. I worked at a gas station and spent my entire 3 – 11 shifts listening to each of the CDs in succession and writing in my journal (it wasn’t