Sep 3 2008

Oh, first of all, I heard (Tell Me) Who You Gonna Marry on 89.3 The Current today (yesterday when you’re reading this). I nearly fell out of Ruby (my truck) for two reasons. 1.) Barb Abney called it “Tell Me Who You Gonna Marry. (take that you Terri lovers) and 2.) I just hadn’t heard

Aug 28 2008

With apologies, I would like to politely disagree with Jim and Jay regarding Finally Once Here. If you go read the comments on that lyrics pages, you’ll see that these er, gentlemen, find this new song off 3oclockreep to be a sad ending or sequel to either “Bastards of Young” or “Achin’ to Be.” They

Aug 28 2008

As many of you who follow the comments know I had a few issues with getting 3oclockreep. It seems that when you use a PayPal e-check you have to wait roughly a fortnight for it to clear before you can download your music. Which sort of defeats the purpose of the instant gratification that digital

Aug 27 2008

You can download the album which is called “3oclockreep” from Tunecore for $3.99. It consists of two tracks, one called “3oclockreep” which clocks in at 20:08 and the other called “Finally Here Once” which comes in at 3:27. I think Our Man Paul is trying to nickel and dime us to death. I haven’t downloaded