Nov 20 2008

Comedy Central has a list of the Five Funniest Replacements Songs. Oddly enough, “Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out” and “Gary’s Got a Boner” are not on the list. DFactor points out that Tommy’s got second billing on the Chinese Democracy myspace page. You can also listen to a stream of the album. Are you gonna

Sep 17 2008

Rhino’s got a listening party going for the next four Replacements’ reissues due out next week. And according to one Mr. Jay Taco the demo of Kiss Me on the Bus is good (fuckballs good, apparently). In case you missed it in the comments, Robert from Mulberry Panda has an extensive (and good) piece about

Sep 8 2008

Dear Mike, I am not Paul Westerberg. I am Jodi. I am sure Paul would love the fact that you like the way he sings eyes in Be My Darling. He’d also be thrilled that your cat says hi. However, I am not Paul Westerberg and therefore I cannot answer your questions regarding the release

Sep 3 2008

Oh, first of all, I heard (Tell Me) Who You Gonna Marry on 89.3 The Current today (yesterday when you’re reading this). I nearly fell out of Ruby (my truck) for two reasons. 1.) Barb Abney called it “Tell Me Who You Gonna Marry. (take that you Terri lovers) and 2.) I just hadn’t heard

Aug 20 2008

Dr. Tony Shore, not a fan of the way 49:00 was released. At all. Deb’s MP3s has (Tell Me) Who You Gonna Marry? available for download. Allegedly this has been heard on 89.3’s The Current, though I have yet to witness that with my own ears. The Allmusic Blog reviews Meet Glen Campbell which features

Aug 13 2008

Andrea Myers at City Pages shares the thoughts that flitted through her head the first time she listened to 49:00. There seems to be a bit of confusion in blogland about what exactly happened to 49:00 and what 5:05 is (er, make that a lot of confusion). Heather at I am Fuel, You are Friends

Aug 5 2008

You can buy the missing 5:05 missing from 49:00 on Tunecore for either a buck or $5.05. From what I can gather, 49:00 was suddenly and mysteriously pulled off the web for copyright problems. That damn medley. So what do you think, five more minutes for a buck?

Jul 31 2008

The always delightful Aquarium Drunkard weighs in on 49:00 with a thoughtful review that includes this wonderful summation: As surprising and unexpected as the delivery method is, just as surprising and unexpected is how good Westerberg sounds across all nearly forty-four minutes. Replacements fans who had given up on Paul, Paul fans who had given

Jul 30 2008

CNET’s Digital Noise blog is frustrated with Amazon’s download process but not with Westerberg’s 49:00. I think this is interesting because 49:00 got him to try out the Amazon MP3 delivery service for the first time. Awesome. [via] The Boston Phoenix is suspicious of the odd price point of 49:00 saying, I dig some of

Jul 28 2008

Is anyone as surprised as I am by the 7.1 Pitchfork gave 49:00? I’m having a tough time with this record. I enjoy it, especially the utter rawness. However, I am still wondering if it would have generated so much buzz had it not been a 49-cent downloadable album. Is the marketing overpowering the music?