Oct 31 2008

You know the songs I’m talking about. The songs with that sort of repetitive nature. I will show you my list and then you’ll know: 1. Eyes Like Sparks 2. Folk Star 3. Be Bad For Me Also up for consideration but ultimately dismissed Jingle, 5:05, Seein’ Her, and Makin’ Me Go.

Aug 20 2008

Dr. Tony Shore, not a fan of the way 49:00 was released. At all. Deb’s MP3s has (Tell Me) Who You Gonna Marry? available for download. Allegedly this has been heard on 89.3’s The Current, though I have yet to witness that with my own ears. The Allmusic Blog reviews Meet Glen Campbell which features

Aug 15 2008

Hey Gang, first of all remember how I was telling you the other day to go read David Carr’s The Night of the Gun? Well, I am going to up that another notch and encourage you to go see him read if at all possible. His appearance schedule is here (VT, NH, Seattle, LA, DC,

Aug 13 2008

Andrea Myers at City Pages shares the thoughts that flitted through her head the first time she listened to 49:00. There seems to be a bit of confusion in blogland about what exactly happened to 49:00 and what 5:05 is (er, make that a lot of confusion). Heather at I am Fuel, You are Friends

Aug 5 2008

You can buy the missing 5:05 missing from 49:00 on Tunecore for either a buck or $5.05. From what I can gather, 49:00 was suddenly and mysteriously pulled off the web for copyright problems. That damn medley. So what do you think, five more minutes for a buck?