Nov 21 2007

For those of you who might be living under a rock and missed the big Blender Indie Rock list, “Let it Be” came in at #4 er, I mean #3 on the top 100 greatest indie albums of all time. Dave Lifton over at Wings for Wheels has posted his podcast with Jim Walsh. (this

Nov 15 2007

Over at Idolator, Jackin’ Pop editor Michaelangelo Matos writes about how he was ultimately unsatisfied by All Over But the Shouting but also slams the midwest and the Twin Cities in particular for a “kind of self-defeating ironic triumphalism.” [Jodi’s note: Pbbbttt!] Sarah Askari reviews the book for City Pages and includes this interesting, and

Nov 10 2007

Jim Walsh on 89.3 The Current’s The Local Show (tomorrow, I think)

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UPDATE: So yeah, I am tuning into The Local Show right now, and Walsh won’t be on until November 18. That is all. First of all The StarTribune has the “I Will Dare” excerpt from All Over But the Shouting. The Strib also says that Walsh is going to (or has been, I am unclear)

Nov 7 2007

Rolling Stone reports that the band Black Lips have signed on to star in a movie called “Let it Be” loosely based on The Replacements. Interesting. If you were making this movie who would you cast as the ‘Mats? Rob van Alstyne over are Reveille, asks about maddeningly inconsistent live performers and cites the infamous

Nov 5 2007

One of the things I told myself I’d do one I finished All Over But the Shouting is visit all the web sites listed in the players’ section of the book. Have I done that? Hell no. I haven’t even written about the book really, besides to give Jim Walsh some mad props on the

Oct 31 2007

In the Blogs: Dream bands and more on All Over But the Shouting

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The misanthrope behind Tad Askew puts together his dream band featuring Johnny Thunders and Paul Westerberg, among others. Exiled on Main Street’s Bill Tuomala has some initial thoughts on All Over But the Shouting, including a drinking game. Bubblegum Aesthetics takes a look back at some of the seminal albums that celebrate their 20th anniversary

Oct 25 2007

Still waiting?

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MN Monthly has a nice excerpt from Jim Walsh’s The Replacements: All Over But the Shouting.

Oct 24 2007

Aquarium Drunkard offers up an unsual cover of The Replacements’ “Androgynous” by Blair, someone I’ve never heard of before but will be looking into post haste. The cover’s got a lot of piano which I kind of dig. offers up a Soundtrack to a Breakup. It’s filled with some pretty good break-up songs, but

Oct 23 2007

In honor of the publication of Jim Walsh’s All Over But the Shouting. I dug up this gem from Pline taken from the Northampton, Mass show in August of 2002. So, I am not sure if I heard this as urban legend, if it’s true, or if I made it up, but I figure one

Oct 19 2007

Page 30

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Hello my most beloved Westerberds. Looky what came to me today. God, it’s days like this that I love being an Amazon Prime member. I haven’t started it yet. I hope to start and finish it sometime this weekend. However, I can’t read it right now because that would force me to stop looking at