Aug 26 2013

Right now the only ones we’re missing are: Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out Love You ‘Til Friday Wake Up Borstal Breakout Entrance Takin’ a Ride I’m in Trouble/Favorite Thing Favorite Thing Hangin’ Downtown Color Me Impressed Kiss Me on the Bus Androgynous Achin’ to Be I Will Dare Maybellene Merry Go Round Little Mascara Left

Aug 12 2009

Aquarium Drunkard has an awesome, awesome discussion of Can’t Hardly Wait (and even a Part II). Read all the comments, and prepare to lose a chunk of your afternoon. I love Can’t Hardly Wait (I have 26 versions of it in my iTunes, and that’s only because I am too lazy to go cherry pick

Feb 22 2009

So Magnet has this piece on the ‘Mats most overrated and underrated songs. Can’t Hardly Wait holds 3 of the five spots on the overrated list. WRONG. Of course I should have known the list would be incredibly wrong when the first line of the piece starts out like this, “Tim is arguably the best

Oct 7 2008

How much awesomness can one video of a cover of “Can’t Hardly Wait” contain? Let me count the ways: 1. An accordian 2. Someone playing cowbell 3. Gold lame pants 4. It seems as though the stage is the short cut to the bathroom or something 5. A trumpet (like that original version) 6. Dude

Oct 6 2008

I’ve pondered this idea for about seven minutes so you know it is right and true and well-thought out. But here are three most iconic ‘Mats songs of all time. Are you ready for this: 1. Can’t Hardly Wait 2. Bastards of Young 3. Here Comes a Regular Shocked? Appalled? Yeah me too, because I

Mar 25 2008

Aside from the plinky, plinky Casio Keyboard, this isn’t a bad cover at all. I think more chicks need to cover the ‘Mats.

Jan 15 2008

So, a Japanese band takes to the stage in Tokyo on December 29, 2007 and what do they cover? Can’t Hardly Wait, of course. You can hear more from Saddles on MySpace.