Dec 20 2007

Hello Westernerds, this edition of In the Blogs is late because I was really busy being a space cadet, then I had to wrap some gifts, and it wasn’t until I was upstairs listening to Suicaine Gratifaction (because I was starting to get a little tired of Jens Lekman who I have been listening to

Dec 17 2007

NY Release Party

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In case you missed it, Charlene of Spanking Charlene tells us about the Jim Walsh/All Over But the Shouting release party in New York where her band played.

Dec 12 2007

Cracked lists The 9 Most Unnecessary Greatest Hits Albums of All Time and includes this little gem about Nelson: answers the age old question, “what would it sound like if The Replacements were gang raped by Styx?”. lists a few of their favorite Westerberg lyrics. All Music has a review of All Over But

Dec 5 2007

In the Strib Jon Bream talks about casting his vote for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and well, I cannot resist linking to anything that lists The Replacements AND Neil Diamond AND Hall & Oats in one sentence. Sweet. Jim Walsh stopped over at WYNC New York Public radio to talk about All

Dec 3 2007

So last week I went to go see Jim Walsh read at the Barnes & Noble in the Galleria. I always say it’s the on at the Galleria, because I like to say Galleria and when I write I actually say all the stuff I’m writing in my head. While I was there, I got

Nov 26 2007

Okay, in honor of the All Over But the Shouting book launch party at First Avenue on Wednesday, November 28th, at 7 p.m. I’ve gotten together all the latest hooha about the book, because I am good like that. Also, as a warm up to the First Ave. shindig, Walsh will be at that Barnes

Nov 21 2007

For those of you who might be living under a rock and missed the big Blender Indie Rock list, “Let it Be” came in at #4 er, I mean #3 on the top 100 greatest indie albums of all time. Dave Lifton over at Wings for Wheels has posted his podcast with Jim Walsh. (this

Nov 15 2007

Over at Idolator, Jackin’ Pop editor Michaelangelo Matos writes about how he was ultimately unsatisfied by All Over But the Shouting but also slams the midwest and the Twin Cities in particular for a “kind of self-defeating ironic triumphalism.” [Jodi’s note: Pbbbttt!] Sarah Askari reviews the book for City Pages and includes this interesting, and

Nov 10 2007

Jim Walsh on 89.3 The Current’s The Local Show (tomorrow, I think)

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UPDATE: So yeah, I am tuning into The Local Show right now, and Walsh won’t be on until November 18. That is all. First of all The StarTribune has the “I Will Dare” excerpt from All Over But the Shouting. The Strib also says that Walsh is going to (or has been, I am unclear)

Nov 7 2007

Rolling Stone reports that the band Black Lips have signed on to star in a movie called “Let it Be” loosely based on The Replacements. Interesting. If you were making this movie who would you cast as the ‘Mats? Rob van Alstyne over are Reveille, asks about maddeningly inconsistent live performers and cites the infamous