Apr 29 2009

I hate to do this because whenever Laurie Lindeen is mentioned that freaky freak freak show with all the fake names comes out to play, but if you’re not reader of Ms. Lindeen’s blog (and, you know, you should be because it’s really well written), you might take an interest in her latest post, which

Nov 7 2008

A few things for your Friday: Lindeen Reading, Paste article, and a covers album

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Paste (note: I am NOT Paul Westerberg) has a short piece about Robyn Hitchcock’s next album where he mentions touring in the ’80s and talks about waiting for the ‘Mats to come home. Interesting. Laurie Lindeen will be celebrating the paperback release of Petal Pusher at 8 p.m. tomorrow (Saturday, November 8th) at the 400

Sep 25 2008

The Village Voice’s Sound of the City blog has a new Q&A with Laurie Lindeen and includes this gem: Was there anything you included that upon reflection you’d have preferred to leave out? When I got the final edits, I got a long letter from my editor saying something like either you develop the characters

Sep 22 2008

This Pop Matters interview with Laurie Lindeen is awesome. I think I love it because she talks so much about books and I love to read about people talking about books.

Aug 18 2008

We need more regular features here on Paul Westerberg.net. You know how we got Video Tuesday and In the Blogs, we need more things like that. Why don’t you suggest some, okay? Because my ideas so far haven’t been all that great: 1. Jay Taco’s weekly cracker review — this week the Wheat Thin, vile

Jul 16 2008

For those of you who are like me and don’t subscribe to rock and roll magazines like Spin, it was a delight to see The Replacements article go online. It’s a pretty great read. If you got the time give it a look. If you haven’t been living under a rock you know that Rock

Jul 2 2008

How Foreigners View America. I’m not usually one to pimp Klosterman, but this is pretty funny and contains this bit of hilariousness: Someone selected Ryan Adams. This made me happy for two reasons. The first is that I suspect Adams is something of an underrated semi-genius, and I like the fact that he’s more appreciated

Jun 21 2008

In Town for a Wedding

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Here is a brief article on Laurie Lindeen’s most recent book reading in Washington.  

May 14 2008

City Pages unearths the now-famous ‘Lovelines’ issue. Paul Westerberg as best friend, a short and sweet piece I think y’all can relate to. The Washington Post has a nice interview with Laurie Lindeen about Petal Pusher 10 Quotes from SPIN’s Story on the Replacements A Crash Course in The Replacements, in case you need a

Apr 16 2008

Over at Minn Post Jim Walsh offers up a glimpse at the liner notes in the ‘Mats reissues coming out next week. Earlier this week, local TV Station WCCO did a pretty nice, lengthy piece on Laurie Lindeen calling her the “coolest lunch lady.” Includes a very awkward Westerberg family picture, and snippet from the