Aug 26 2013

Right now the only ones we’re missing are: Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out Love You ‘Til Friday Wake Up Borstal Breakout Entrance Takin’ a Ride I’m in Trouble/Favorite Thing Favorite Thing Hangin’ Downtown Color Me Impressed Kiss Me on the Bus Androgynous Achin’ to Be I Will Dare Maybellene Merry Go Round Little Mascara Left

Aug 12 2009

Aquarium Drunkard has an awesome, awesome discussion of Can’t Hardly Wait (and even a Part II). Read all the comments, and prepare to lose a chunk of your afternoon. I love Can’t Hardly Wait (I have 26 versions of it in my iTunes, and that’s only because I am too lazy to go cherry pick

Oct 25 2008

Three things for your Saturday

By Jodi | Comments Off on Three things for your Saturday

1.) In case you missed it, Graeme Thompson (author of I Shot a Man in Reno. . . ) had a great piece in the Guardian UK about the ‘Mats. This is one of my favorite bits: Westerberg’s creative division caused considerable internal tension. Tommy Stinson recalls that the band, particularly Bob Stinson, were uncomfortable

Apr 16 2008

Over at Minn Post Jim Walsh offers up a glimpse at the liner notes in the ‘Mats reissues coming out next week. Earlier this week, local TV Station WCCO did a pretty nice, lengthy piece on Laurie Lindeen calling her the “coolest lunch lady.” Includes a very awkward Westerberg family picture, and snippet from the

Dec 25 2007

Merry Christmas Westernerds far and wide. Happy Tuesday for you who do not celebrate this holiday. I spent this weekend cleaning up Supergenius HQ and watching the 7 Ages of Rock. It’s a 7-part BBC documentary that while a little UK-centric still manages rickety rock the Casbah. You can watch it online over at VH1