Feb 22 2009

So Magnet has this piece on the ‘Mats most overrated and underrated songs. Can’t Hardly Wait holds 3 of the five spots on the overrated list. WRONG. Of course I should have known the list would be incredibly wrong when the first line of the piece starts out like this, “Tim is arguably the best

Feb 10 2009

I have to admit I gagged a little when Bob popped the dude’s zit. Bleh.

Jul 29 2008

When I form a band some day, it will be all girls and we’ll only play ‘Mats covers and we’ll be called Sweet Georgia Breezes.

Jul 17 2008

The Strib has a list of the bonus material that will be available on the September reissues of The Replacements’ Sire records, and in the comments mentions that on Saturday, July 19th there will be 49 minutes of NEW (I think) Paul Westerberg music available for download for only 49 cents. Check back on Saturday

Jul 16 2008

For those of you who are like me and don’t subscribe to rock and roll magazines like Spin, it was a delight to see The Replacements article go online. It’s a pretty great read. If you got the time give it a look. If you haven’t been living under a rock you know that Rock

Jun 4 2008

Someday, I am going to populate this list with nothing but links to The Replacements movie or the The Replacements cartoon or knee replacements. Why? Because that would make me laugh. I should have probably done it this week, because I didn’t find anything of interest to link to. Boo to the hoo. However, if

May 28 2008

• Feed the Ogre has a disappointing run-in involving ‘Unsatisfied’ and his kids. • WOXY counts down the top 500 modern rock songs (Alex Chilton is the highest ranking ‘Mats song, weird) • I really liked Linnet’s piece about All for Nothing, mostly because she talks about how when you break up you lose half

May 27 2008

It seems a lot of videos have been posted in the comments recently, and if you’re a lazy reader like me, I thought I’d bring them to your attention. Dingus from Italy brought us this John Doe cover of “Here Comes a Regular” And Jay Taco posted these two gems from 1986.

May 21 2008

In the comments over at Pop Headwound, Peter Jesperson explains why a few songs were left off the reissues. Aquarium Drunkard gives a big thumbs up to the reissues. Consequence of Sound has an in-depth review of the reissued Let it Be. Comic Book geeks talk about the ‘Mats. Yum. Overlooked and misunderstood, postpunk gets