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’Do It To It: A Field Guide To Rock and Roll Hair Styles

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Tommy Stinson gets a mention in this article from the Gibson Guitar website:

The Rooster ’Do

Nothing says ’70s rock boogie sleaze like this classic, as rocked by Exile-era Keith Richards, and sported to perfection by Ronnie Wood and Rod Stewart in the Faces … and, eh, Ronnie today too … Let ’em know you love the rock like punk never happened—just ask pre-beard Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, Let It Be-era Tommy Stinson, Hanoi Rocks, and this happy family.

Be very careful with this one though. You need a mop to pull it off and make sure you keep it loosely spiky on top, and shaggy in front. A few snips too many and you’ll be walking out of the Fantastic Sam’s having just dropped six bucks on the infamous Mullet—also known as The Kentucky Waterfall, The Gretzky, Business In Front Party In The Back, and The MacGyver. And by its very nature—and perhaps in the nature of the don’t-give-a-heck fun-lovers who sport it—the Mullet is tenacious. Growing one out takes patience.


I was born the son of a poor black sharecropper……