Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash

Track List

Takin’ a Ride (lyrics)
Careless (lyrics)
Hangin’ Downtown (lyrics)
Kick Your Door Down (lyrics)
Otto (lyrics)
I Bought a Headache (lyrics)
I Hate Music (lyrics)
Johnny’s Gonna Die (lyrics)
Shiftless When Idle (lyrics)
More Cigarettes (lyrics)
Don’t Ask Why (lyrics)
Somethin’ to Dü (lyrics)
I’m in Trouble (lyrics)
Love You Till Friday (lyrics)
Shutup (lyrics)
Raised in the City (lyrics)

Deluxe edition bonus tracks

Raised in the City (demo)
Shutup (demo)
Don’t Turn Me Down (demo)
Shape Up (demo)
You Ain’t Gotta Dance (demo)
Get on the Stick (demo)
Oh Baby (demo)
Like You
Get Lost
A Toe Needs a Shoe
Customer (alternate take)
Basement Jam
If Only You Were Lonely (from I’m in Trouble, 1981)
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