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Hey jerky, I wanna write here too. How do I do that? Part I

By 24.Jul.07One Comment

So you got something to say? Sweet! Because here at Paul you can write your own memories, post your own links (or YouTube videos), whathaveyou, and have it appear right here on the front page. How sexy is that? You aren’t limited to being a member of the comment peanut gallery (though that’s a lot of fun too)!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be any sort of blogging wizard or HTML supergenius. Nah, it’s totally easy even for people as technophobic as our own St. Paul Westerberg.

Before you can post anything to the main page, you gotta get yourself registered. Here’s how:
1. Click the Register tab over in the upper right.
2. That will take you to the Paul Factory.
register for this site
3. Now you need to give yourself a username, enter your e-mail address, and then click Register.
4. In a matter of minutes you’ll get an e-mail with your username, password, and a link back to the Factory. Sweet! Click that link, and that’ll bring you to the login page. Use the username you just chose and the password in the e-mail that you got. Remember, your username is case sensitive.
5. Now you’re at the Welcome page! Click that Update your profile or change your password link. You’ll thank me late.
6. If you plan on posting YouTube videos (or something like that), you’ll want to uncheck that Visual Editor box. Just trust me on this one, it’ll make your life much much easier.
7. Now go through and fill out as much (or as little) information about yourself as you’d like. The only really important thing here is that you change your password to something you’ll remember. Unless of course you remember things like R39Zwg. Then you can keep the password the same.
8. Click the Update profile button and you’re set.

Easy peasy. Tomorrow, we’ll show you how to create a post.


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