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Merry Go Round live from Irving Plaza in 1996

By 31.Jul.07No Comments

Since I spent last night writing the “Sestina That Blew So Many Goats PETA is Concerned,” you get a video today! Maybe we should institute some sort of “Video Tuesday Policy” here on Paul

It looks as though Blasty the Silent of Baconshire has uploaded a few clips from Paul’s ’96 Irving Plaza show. Oh hey, yeah, why I’m here and talking about Blasty, make sure you go vote in the new Poll over there down on the right. It’s a poll in Blasty’s honor. You can read past polls, here, and you can suggest your own damn poll by contacting me.

So, as I was saying, though the sound is better on the other clip, I am putting Merry Go Round up here, solely because, well, Merry-Go-Round was the very first Replacements song I ever heard (and yes it makes me sad that it wasn’t, in fact, I Will Dare that I heard first).


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