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In the Blogs: Guitar Hero, Ryan Adams on the ‘Mats, and cover songs galore

By 01.Aug.072 Comments

In the Blogs

The Best Week Ever claims that “I Will Dare” shoulda made Guitar Hero Rocks the 80s.

Britt Daniel (of Spoon) the New Paul Westerberg? Discuss.

Jon Kirby dissects three versions of “Can’t Hardly Wait” (editorial aside: I have 21 versions of this song on my iPod, Eurydice, and it’s one of my favorite playlists).

In Pitchfork, Ryan Adam gets gooey over the ‘Mats: “There was a lot of romanticism, probably. At least when I was coming around and getting Replacements records, I remember that part. I loved the music so thoroughly, but I remember the stories. The stories get passed on from one record geek to the next.”

Largehearted Boy has links to two ‘Mats shows:
November 26, 1983 in San Francisco
June 1, 1986 in London.

I was at a party once where Wolfdogg played a the Counting Crows’ cover of “Unsatisfied.” It became known as “The Event of Which We Will Never Speak Of.” Some of the partygoers still haven’t recovered. However, if you are curious it seems that Berkely Place has a slew of Counting Crows covers, including “Unsatisfied.”

Speaking of covers, Captain’s Dead has a whole great gob of songs the ‘Mats covered. It’s a nice collection.

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  • pzp says:

    can’t beat the ‘Tim’ version. and Paul cracks up on SNL cause the one bandmate yells something, right? (maybe ‘BURT REYNOLDS!’ ?)

    and i thought the ipod’s name was Kathleen Turner Overdrive?

  • Jodi says:

    KTO met her maker back in January. RIP Kathleen Turner Overdrive. We hardly knew ye.