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'Mats Memories

So I Wanna Be a Rock n Roll Writer

By 01.Aug.075 Comments

How I was introduced to the ‘mats:
As an 18 year old Johnny Thunders fan, I have absolutely no one in my life who even knows who the guy is. My peers here in socal (southern CA) like The Killers and stuff like that. Anyways, one day i was looking at Thunders CDs on the barnes and noble site, and i had an important question about one of the CDs, so I emailed the first reviewer on the page. He answered my questions and told me to check out The Replacements. I usually don’t check out ANY band suggested by a friend (see the second sentence in this paragraph), but I was so elated to talk to someone about Thunders. I took this stranger’s advice, and I downloaded (illegally) “Bastards” “Alex Chilton”, and “Can’t Hardly Wait.” I loved all three songs and now collect their material (legally) and dream of perhaps seeing Paul (once his hand is better from the screwdriver-wtf?) or Tommy (when he tours with GNR-wtf?) live.

Meeting my first (only) Westernerd on Myspace:
He is Brazilian, a Thunders fan as well. I was so excited but now he wants so send me discs in the mail, and I am scared to give out my home address to a stranger. Why I cannot find a single local ‘mats fan is beyond me. Sigh.

What Prompted Me To Buy My First ‘Mats CD:
I can’t really say album because I’m relatively young and this is 2007. Sorry. My first one was Let It Be. The cover had a lot to do with this purchase. At the risk of presenting myself as boy-crazy and shallow, I will admit that I have huge crushes on Paul and Tommy (mainly Tommy) from when they were younger (think from 1981-1991). Doesn’t anyone else around here?! Forgive me.


  • zook says:

    Very cool to see new fans finding their way to the Mats. As a hetero dude I am afraid that I don’t have the same crush on Paul or Tommy but I can tell you that you certainly are not alone. I can relate on the feeling of being alone in my worship of the band – at least until I found others through the internet. Before that I was hard pressed to find anyone who even knew much of the Mats or PW. Since then I have met some wonderful people at shows and through sites like this – people who have graciously sent me bootlegs, answered my dumb fanboy questions patiently and, best of all, they shared my love of all that is the Mats. Worry not my young friend – there are others like you in your area and soon enough you will be seeing PW or Tommy play live and meeting some great folks at the show, trading music and hopefully feeling like you found a home. Thanks for sharing and welcome!

  • pzp says:

    myself, i’m still carrying a torch for Slim.

  • mmr421 says:

    lol pzp! 😀

  • Gage says:

    Johnny Thunders fans check out a newish Thunders sight Chatterbox

  • mmr421 says:

    thanks a lot Gage, i just registered.