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Putting on the Ritz Bootleg

By 03.Aug.07One Comment

No, I’m not talking about Taco here (deduct 5 style points if you get that reference). That Truncheon Thing has posted the Mats 1987 NYC show for your downloading pleasure. A great show with good sound for a bootleg, this one took place on the Pleased to Meet Me tour and has a good mix of tunes from all their albums.

Putting on the Ritz, Live in New York July 27, 1987


I am just a simple fisherman. I used to sell dope on the streets of Guam but I stumbled upon a copy of Please to Meet Me on 8 track and it changed my life. I gave up my life of hedonism and devoted my life to rock. And grape big league chew. Seriously, have you had that shit - it’s awesome. So now I wake up at dawn, put on my Sony headphones and head to the docks. If you’re ever in Hyannisport, need a place to stay and don’t mind the odor of smelt, you can find me left of the isle.

One Comment

  • pzp says:

    come let’s mix with Rockefellas . . .

    thanks for the tip.

    (and I could swear we all once had a discussion about the lethality of a truncheon as a weapon)