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In the Blogs: Interesting Motherfuckers and all Tommy all the time

By 08.Aug.074 Comments

In the Blogs

Tommy Womack who penned a song called “The Replacements” reports that his song’s lyrics will introduce Jim Walsh’s The Replacements: All Over But the Shouting due out in November.

Acid Logic presents, Interesting Motherfuckers, Bob and Tommy Stinson.

Our own Robert (yes I am claiming him) reviews the July ’87 concert we linked to last week. I gotta admit, I kind of love the idea of the way-after-the-fact review.

It’s all Tommy all the time, this week. Is it his birthday or something? Glide Magazine does a feature, Tommy Stinson: Rebelliously Creative.

The Factual Opinion opines that Hootenanny is one of the Top Albums of 1983

Ginny had Folker on repeat all week.

The Houston Press claims it takes 20 years to declare an album a classic, and then says that Pleased to Meet Me makes the cut.

Monty Warren gets excited about his Paul Westerberg guitar.

One blogger lists his Top Five Favorite Songs and includes, oddly enough The Replacements’ Customer.

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