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In the Blogs: 30 Years of Minnesota Rock, Coming to Terms with Tommy Stinson, and other stuff

By 29.Aug.072 Comments

In the Blogs

MN Speak offers up some videos chronicling 30 years of Minnesota rock including two pieces by the ‘Mats.

Things I Just Cant Come To Terms With: Tommy Stinson Edition: “Tommy’s been part of the non record releasing G&R lineup since 1998. If he makes it past 2010 Tommy will have spent more time in Guns and Roses than in the Replacements.” (Gah! I wonder how that’s gonna make those Tommy lovers feel.)

This one gets a mention only because I really, really love The Weakerthans, and this guy compares The Weakerthans to both The Dead Milkmen and The Replacements, and, well, it’s an apt description.

A Toast to Paul Westerberg, wherein Westernerds are compared to Dylan fans.

On “Sixteen Blue”: “the lyrics were nothing complicated but they seemed so confessional and seemed to strike on something that reached beyond one person’s experience that i believed every word.”

There is no next Bob Dylan, compares Paul Westerberg to Bob Dylan. Kind of.

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