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In the Blogs: A beautiful Skyway cover, Punks find their inner Americana, and 20 years since Sioux Falls

By 05.Sep.072 Comments

In the Blogs

3hive offers up a beautiful cover of Skyway by Cary Brothers (You know, that guy from the “Garden State” soundtrack.

J. Carter Woods of Obscene Desserts, waxes nostalgic for The Replacements and recalls seeing the ‘Mats in concert a few times.

A Glorious Mess calls “All Shook Down” a lost treasure: It is basically the first solo Paul Westerberg CD. The CD sounds like an almost defeated Paul. I think by this time he knows that The Replacements should have and/or could have but didn’t. This CD is not classic sounding Replacements it’s the perfect ending that knows that it is an ending.

Paulisded over on the Full Blown Aids forum recounts the 20th Anniversary of bring The Replacements to Sioux Falls.

The Phoenix offers up an interesting read: Punks Find Their Inner Americana about how wonderfully punk music can translate to folk-y musical poetry. It also calls Westerberg’s songwriting “Salinger-esque musings.”

Aji Signal reminds people who might be out of the Westerberg loop about the Open Season soundtrack.

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  • zook says:

    Cool story about Sioux City! To not only get your favorite band to play your town but to hang with them at all. Every music nerd’s dream.

  • Jodi says:

    I’ve been trying to get Mike Doughty to do that for years and he won’t return my calls. I even promised to buy him some Moons over My Hammy at the local Dennys.