Are you strung out on some face?

Although it is virtually impossible for me to pick a favorite Paul Westerberg penned song, and if I had to pick only one it might just be “Alex Chilton”, but “Valentine” is right up there on the strength of some truly great lines.

“Well you wish upon a star, that turns into a plane…”

The first words are so promising and just like that back to reality. Yeah, look who’s left to blame… bam!

“If you were a pill, I’d take a handfull at my will and I’d knock you back with something sweet and strong ”

“Are you strung out on some face? well I know it ain’t mine”

“Well if tonight belongs to you, tomorrow’s mine”

“Tonight makes love to all your kind… Tomorrow’s picking valentines”

The lines keep coming and each delivered in a voice that may be jubilant, passionate, non chalant, or a weary croak throughout its three minutes. Classic Westerberg!

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  1. Joey Ramone 11.Sep.07 at 6:12 am

    when you’re hungry and you’re fed up……

  2. bobby 12.Sep.07 at 6:01 pm

    i love it.