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In Love With That Song

Favorite song = Paul himself!

Sorry for evading the question of my favorite Westerberg song, but I think my answer qualifies in a philosophic sense. The musical essence of Paul is a “song” that I could never get sick of. He’s not just a rocker or a singer, but a song to me. His catalog of tunes is truly astounding even if there are some dents in there. Sure there are a select few Paul-penned tracks that aren’t as amazing as “Bastards of Young” or “Let the Bad Times Roll.” But even if I were narrowing it down to those two, I couldn’t. Call me indecisive or an equal-opportunity fan, my Westerberg thermometer isn’t calibrated well. Maybe his tracks are too hot to gauge the temperature accurately.

Plus there are different criteria for judging the songs. By album, by lyrical genius, by feeling, by sound. Too much to choose from… I could put “Good Day” and “Crackle and Drag” in the gut-hitting category. I could add “I Will Dare” and “Here Comes a Regular” for being classic. “Achin to Be” and “Love Untold” as forgotten masterpieces.

So far, the songs everyone listed as their favorite song is just as much my favorite (maybe with IOU as an exception, being at the bottom of the faves list). There are others can’t go without mentioning: Runaway Wind, Meet Me Down the Alley, Knockin on Mine, Black Eyed Susan, Lookin’ Up in Heaven, No Place For You, It’s a Wonderful Lie, Lookin’ Out Forever, Color Me Impressed, Silent Film Star, High Time, Unsatisfied, Sadly Beautiful, Hold My Life, Little Mascara. I know I’m still missing some here.

These are songs are hard to live without once you’ve heard ’em. There’s at least one song for any mood you’re in. I have a strong passion for a time and life I never lived, being a person who was too young to experience the glory of living through the entire career of the Replacements; even discovering Westerberg late. Proof that Paul’s song is still being sung…