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In Love With That Song

Kick in the Stall

Is one of my favorites because it’s absolutely just worthless. It’s just two chord riff and, you know it’s like the Rolling Stones, but it’s like….

I’ve always been drawn to the PW songs that lyrically, have to do with desire, possibility and connection. Achin’ to Be, Things, The Last, Meet Me Down the Alley, One Wink at a Time, Within Your Reach, I Will Dare, Can’t Hardly Wait, AAA, Kick in the Stall, $100 Groom, Anyway’s All Right, Love You in the Fall, and Love Untold, plus a few others add up to As Far As I Know.

But seriously, black stacked boots. Wow!

One Comment

  • Jodi says:

    My favorite bit of this song is “there she was to one side, dressed in black from thigh to thigh.” Yowza.