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Hold on loosely, but don’t let go

By 15.Sep.07One Comment

Here’s the thing about running a contest: it’s really a lot of fun to be able to offer people a chance to go see the invite-only Paul Westerberg MGD The Craft Show at First Ave. It’s really not any fun at all to only get to choose four people to go.

I didn’t expect the rewarding of tickets to suck so much. If I had to my way everyone who wants to go see the show would get to go. Sadly, I never ever get my way.

All the winners have been contacted. Three of the four passes have been claimed, and we’ve got one straggler who isn’t quite sure yet.

But that’s kind of awesome, that one straggler who shall remain nameless. Why is that awesome? Because The Straggler has a chance at another ticket and if he wins that one, he’s gonna let us re-draw for his winning ticket.

That’s the thing about Paul Westerberg fans, they just want to share the love. Everyone wants everyone who wants to go, to go. So instead of sucking up the ticket, he’s gonna wait to hear on the other deal and if that deal comes through we’ll contact one more person on Monday to let them know the good news.

Sweet, eh?

In the meantime you can up your odds of getting tickets by entering at Cities 97 and City Pages. Good Luck!

In the meantime, all you who wrote about your favorite song are welcome to come back and write about any Paul Westerberg or ‘Mats things you’d like. Go on, tell us about why “Let it Be” is so much better than “Tim.” I dare you.


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One Comment

  • pzp says:

    The Straggler – a novel by Albert Camus about a man drowning in ennui who eventually shoots an actor in the street.

    Coming soon to the big screen from Michael Bay productions.