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In the Blogs: Shaggy dogs, why Westerberg rules, and more

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In the Blogs

GStumbo talks about how “Let it Be” is the soundtrack to his formative years.

He’s a whore tells us why Westerberg rules.

Crawdaddy, the magazine of rock, offers up Shaggy Dogs: Paul Westerberg vs. Ryan Adams, which has been all over the Internet even getting a mention in USA Today’s Pop Candy blog.

Sodajerk responds to the Crawdaddy piece, mentioning how despite lacking Paul’s sense of humor and authenticity, Adams has managed to charm the public.

Okay, this is very tangentially a Paul Westerberg link, but the name of the blog caught my eye. Indie Selections for Your Erections offers up a song by the Drop Nineteens called “Winona” about the lovely Ms. Ryder who has allegedly dated Mr. Westerberg.

Songs I hate irrationally, rationalized is a funny piece about songs that drive Dan up the wall. Sadly, he hates “Dyslexic Heart.” But don’t hold that against him.

Stick or Automatic offers up some thoughts on “Tim” and “Let it Be.”

Liquid Parallax invents a word and tells everyone about our favorite singer in, Unawarer’s Guide to Paul Westerberg.

One Poor Correspondent offers up a fun sort of six degrees of separation album title game.

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