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In the Blogs: A eulogy for Bob Stinson, Some more Craft reviews and I think that’s it

By 26.Sep.073 Comments

In the Blogs

While looking for something totally unrelated, I stumbled upon this: Jim Walsh’s eulogy for Bob Stinson

On the forums, someone asks a ZZ Top sound engineer to clarify Westerberg’s crack about hearing ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ while recording “Pleased to Meet Me.”

Twisted Ear’s got a write up of The Craft Show. (See the list of earlier reviews)
[snarky editorial aside: it amazes me how many people have totally copied and pasted the Bream Billboard piece without any kind of attribution at all (not even that they might have picked it up from Reuters). Man, that sucks. I hope Billboard paid him a bajillion dollars for the piece, because it’s everywhere and he ain’t getting that many props for it]

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  • honkywithahaton says:

    I heard Westerberg’s crack about “Sharp Dressed Man” as just that — a crack. It’s sort of the all purpose thing you could say about being in the next room from ZZ Top. At the time I thought the chronology was wrong for that song but he was just adding that to be funny and keep the repartee going.

  • honkywithahaton says:

    In the same vein, I’m not entirely convinced about Lou Reed’s appearance in the John Cale in-studio story either.

  • RJ says:

    Walsh writes like an angel.