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Ryan Adams and Minneapolis mojo, a theory for you to disregard

By 01.Oct.075 Comments

Okay, you have to live under a rock to have not heard about the latest Ryan Adams meltdown in Minneapolis. The poor little guy has a rough time when he comes to play here.

Though, when I saw him 100 years ago with Leona Naess opening for him at The State he did fine.

Anyway, here’s my theory — I think Adams has such a tough time in Minneapolis because he’s surrounded by the Paul Westerberg vibe. It cannot be denied that The Replacements and Westerberg were a huge influence on Adams and his music — no matter how much Adams like to piss on those who came before him.

So whenever Adams plays here he buckles under the stress of trying to get out from under Westerberg’s shadow.

What do you think?


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  • jay says:

    I think Ryan just got his lil’ feelings hurt a few years back when Paul made his crack. All of Ryan’s best songs are paul rip-offs(Monday Night, Avenues, ther resters of Strangers…) I think it just bummed him out that his number one influence took a little crack at him. Problem is, Ryan doesn’t have the library to back it up like paul does. I thought he was gonna turn into a pretty special musician, but his stuff just gets more and more derivative each week he puts out a new album. Hehehe. He shoulda stuck with Whiskeytown.

  • JimDracula says:

    Ryan is a legitimately talented artist, albeit an incredibly touchy one who should lighten up on occasion.

  • blasty says:

    Twenty years(or so) ago, there was a band called The Replacements. When you bought a ticket to their show, you never knew what you were gonna get- the greatest show on earth, or a sloppy set of half-finished cover songs by a band too drunk or drugged to perform, or even care.
    Sound familiar?

  • lewisdhead says:

    I think Ryan just drinks too much and is indisciplined. But he is a great songwriter and performer. I just wish I could see Paul perform as often as I’ve seen Ryan. And I think he is too arrogant to let a Minneapolis vibe affect him.

  • jaytaco says:

    Dont care compare unpredictable early drunken Mats shows to drunken Ryan or Whiskeytown shows. The mats at their worst were a fun loving crew of beer swilling fools. They were lovable at their worst and never hd a mean streak towards the crowd the way Ryan does at times. Ryans drunken sloppy shows were tantrums. I saw him leave a concert with Whiskeytown when someone requested Chicamauga lol. Lighten up. The difference- the Replacements would have actually tried to play the song.
    Ryan hasnt put out a solid album since heartbreaker. It kills me cuz his demoes are freaking AMAZING. Memories, Hey there mrs lovely (which he managed to ruin on his last album), and basically all the songs he wrote for Destroyer with Gillian. 48 hours and suicide handbook are incredible. Not sure why he tosses asdide his best work. I hear hes gonna release them all this winter. Lets hope so.
    Hes no Westy, but he hasnt been doing it as long, so until then, lets enjoy the train wreck lol.