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In the Blogs: The paintings of Chris Mars, more on Evan Dando, and something interesting from

By 03.Oct.07One Comment

In the Blogs

Spiteful Michael has an extensive online gallery of Chris Mars’ paintings.

Robert has re-posted his Complete Idiot’s Guide to Evan Dando, which if you didn’t catch it the first time is an extensive and interesting read that includes this tidbit: But you know what? If Dando looked more like Paul Westerberg or Bob Mould, two of his early songwriting influences, I bet he wouldn’t have received so many slings and arrows from critics and alternative-music fans, because at his best his lyrics are on par with those of Westerberg in his mid-’80s prime.

So it seems of the Blackeyed Peas is a Westerberg fan, namechecking him in a piece over at Loud Music.

Also, in case you missed it yesterday, Captain’s Dead has The Craft show available in easily downloaded mp3 format.

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One Comment

  • Robert says:

    Thanks for the mention once again! Jefitoblog’s RSS feed was how I found out about this blog in the first place back in July.

    I think it’s the interviewer who brings up Westerberg in that inteview with, not him.self. But I wouldn’t be surprised if’s musical tastes are omnivorous.

    I was about to write you and link to the “Sound Opinions” Web site when I discovered you already knew about it. I’m now more interested in reading “All Over But the Shouting,” although I wish the Replacements were involved with it. I had also hoped “Sound Opinions” would give some news about the box set, but that’s not their job.