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In the Blogs

Spiteful Michael has an extensive online gallery of Chris Mars’ paintings.

Robert has re-posted his Complete Idiot’s Guide to Evan Dando, which if you didn’t catch it the first time is an extensive and interesting read that includes this tidbit: But you know what? If Dando looked more like Paul Westerberg or Bob Mould, two of his early songwriting influences, I bet he wouldn’t have received so many slings and arrows from critics and alternative-music fans, because at his best his lyrics are on par with those of Westerberg in his mid-’80s prime.

So it seems of the Blackeyed Peas is a Westerberg fan, namechecking him in a piece over at Loud Music.

Also, in case you missed it yesterday, Captain’s Dead has The Craft show available in easily downloaded mp3 format.

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  1. Robert 06.Oct.07 at 12:29 pm

    Thanks for the mention once again! Jefitoblog’s RSS feed was how I found out about this blog in the first place back in July.

    I think it’s the interviewer who brings up Westerberg in that inteview with, not him.self. But I wouldn’t be surprised if’s musical tastes are omnivorous.

    I was about to write you and link to the “Sound Opinions” Web site when I discovered you already knew about it. I’m now more interested in reading “All Over But the Shouting,” although I wish the Replacements were involved with it. I had also hoped “Sound Opinions” would give some news about the box set, but that’s not their job.