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In the Blogs: The Craft interviews, A Q&A with Jim Walsh, and Rolling Stones’ HOT band from 1986

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In the Blogs

The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame finally posts Paul Westerberg’s interviews from The Craft series.

Pat O’Brien over at Reveille Magazine writes a letter to Jim Walsh thanking him for writing a book about The Replacements: “Of all the Minneapolis bands I like, The ‘Mats mean the most. They never left here, even when they did. When I was in LA recently and told someone where I was from they responded, “Hey, The Replacements!” instead of something lame about Prince and the color purple, which is what usually happens. I could have kissed them.”

Paulisded offers up an interview he did with Jim Walsh about the upcoming The Replacements: All Over but the Shouting, An Oral History:

Prime: What was the best show you witnessed?
Walsh: The night my brother and I rolled a garbage can up on stage and pushed it so it perfectly rested next to Paul. Who looked at it and his face said, “That’s about the size of it.”
Then they did “Rattlesnake,” I think. Bob got in it and during the solo he and the garbage can fell and it all spilled out and he jumped up, buck naked. Fucking magic.

Rolling Stone mentions how they picked The Replacements for their very first ‘Hot Issue.’

What to wear during an orange alert talks with writer Scott Stealy about writing, books, and music. Sure it only namechecks Paul Westerberg without discussing him, but the interview is thick with interesting talk about books, Axl Rose, and Kurt Cobain.

Blog of Rand discusses The Hold Steady’s “Stuck Between Stations” and how some songs are becoming dated because of the fast pace of technology: “It just wouldn’t be the same to hear Paul Westerberg warble “I hate your voice…..mail……”

More from 885 Most Memorable Music Moments: 225 The Singles Movie and Soundtrack.

You know what’s awesome about being the #1 contributor to Paul I get to push a musical agenda (take that! if you don’t like that, and you probably shouldn’t, you are free [and encouraged] to post and push your own musical agenda). So yes, I have a point. Apparently the delightful Sondre Lerche did the soundtrack for that new Steve Carell movie. And in this review the dude reviewing called Lerche “Norway’s incredible answer to Paul Westerberg.” Intrigued? You should be, go listen to Sondre Lerche on his web site.

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