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In tha blogs.

By 23.Oct.07October 24th, 20074 Comments


  • Phil Venable says:

    There needs to be an album entitled, “We Need Cred!” which will feature every lameass band that’s ever dropped the ‘Mats as an influence. I’m having a hard time with Billie Joe Armstrong citing the ‘Mats!!! I can stand some Green Day now and again, but I sure don’t hear any Mats there! I look forward to a My Chemical Romance/30 Seconds To Mars split 7 of Mats songs…he said sarcasm dripping!!

  • Color Me Impressed says:

    ^ You can hear more of a “trying to be ‘Mats” thing in old old Green Day.

    Oh my god, that was fucking hilarious. I totally wasn’t expecting that for some reason. Anyways, thanks for the laugh, you made my night.

  • pzp says:

    Thanks and yer welcome.

    (that Neil Cavuto is so damn smug)

  • Dfactor says:

    Hey those Cavuto and McClain screenshots are funny. They yours?
    Thanks for the link.