Video Tuesday — Popular Creeps

I am not all that familiar with the solo careers of Bob Stinson, Slim Dunlap or Chris Mars. I have a vague notion of Tommy’s post-‘Mats career. And well, Paul. . .

What I do know is that I love Mars’ song “Popular Creeps.” I only discovered this song because it was used as the theme for Mary Lucia’s Popular Creeps show when she was at Rev 105.

Here’s a video of the song.

P.S. In case you missed it. Spiteful Michael has an extensive collection of Mars’ art online.

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  1. mimi 30.Oct.07 at 8:52 pm

    woo hoo this is my vid. isn’t chris’ stuff great? the paintings, i mean. not too crazy about this song

  2. jay 30.Oct.07 at 10:12 pm

    u shot the video?

  3. Davein DK 31.Oct.07 at 4:26 am

    I think the song is great!

  4. Robert 31.Oct.07 at 11:40 am

    Ten years ago there were some promotional CDs being given away at the University of Georgia’s radio station, WUOG, i.e. there was a box full of CDs by the front door that nobody wanted, so if you were a student volunteer like I was, you could take some. One that I took was Chris Mars’s “Horseshoes & Hand Grenades,” which I didn’t like that much at the time, although I wish I hadn’t put it back in the box after listening to it once. The one song that I put on a blank tape was “Get Out of My Life,” which I still love, particularly Mars’s gruff vocals mixed with the sweeter vocals of the female singer.

    Wasn’t Mars an early member of Golden Smog? Wasn’t Jody Stephens of Big Star a member as well? I’m guessing they weren’t in it at the same time or on the same album since they’re both drummers.

    Does anyone know why Mars didn’t play drums on those two new Replacements songs from last year? I have lots of questions today. Here’s another one: is Slim Dunlap’s “Times Like This” worth buying? Hell, it’s only $2 or so on, so what am I waiting for? I loved his song “Girlfriend” when I heard it for the first time last year.

  5. blasty 04.Nov.07 at 10:20 am

    Check out Chris Mars’ animated movies at Click on “animations”.
    If you think his paintings are disturbing, watch the second film, titled “The Severed Stream”.