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All Over But the Shouting: The Players

By 05.Nov.07One Comment

One of the things I told myself I’d do one I finished All Over But the Shouting is visit all the web sites listed in the players’ section of the book. Have I done that? Hell no. I haven’t even written about the book really, besides to give Jim Walsh some mad props on the crafting of an actual narrative (and that’s just some sort of nerdy writers kind of props).

Anyway I finished the book last week and I’m still sort of living with the story inside of me. Eventually, I’ll find the words to say what I thought of the actual content of the book.

In the meantime, we can all go visit some of the Players on the world wide web:
Ryan Cameron former owner of Let it Be Records
Jodi, queen of the underground, all around supergenius, writer and founder of (okay, I added a bit there)
Daniel Corrigan dean of Minneapolis music photography
Grant Hart, a Husker Du and a guest lecturer at the rock and roll class I took a few summers ago at the MPLS Public Library
Grant Johnson Minneapolis songwriter and musician
Laurie Lindeen, writer, mother, and wife
Andrea Myers, writer, editor, and co-founder of Reveille Magazine
Steve Perry, former editor of City Pages and new editor of the just-launched (so it’s not in the book but I am putting it here anyway) Daily Mole
Jack Rabid, Publisher of The Big Take-Over
Bill Tuomala, writer and creator of Exiled on Main Street
Ana Voog, musician and the person behind Ana Cam
Willie Wisely, musician, singer, songwriter

If I were a really enterprising sort (and if I didn’t have to go to work in a little bit), I’d sit down with the whole list and Google and find them all. But, well, I’ll save that for some day when I’m search of productive procrastination.


I am the queen of the underground, a bad ungrateful bunny.

One Comment