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In the Blogs: Book news, Beautiful Posts, and Jodi watched Nirvana Unplugged

By 21.Nov.07One Comment

In the Blogs

For those of you who might be living under a rock and missed the big Blender Indie Rock list, “Let it Be” came in at #4 er, I mean #3 on the top 100 greatest indie albums of all time.

Dave Lifton over at Wings for Wheels has posted his podcast with Jim Walsh.

(this has nothing to do the ‘Mats, but I am watching Nirvana Unplugged from like 1993 or 1994 or whenever they were on the show [it was VH1 Classics today] and the whole time all i can think is “god, Kurt looks so young.” It weirds me out a little that I’m older now then Kurt Cobain ever got to be.)

If you’re a bonehead like me and forgot to listen to Jim Walsh on 89.3 The Current’s Local Show, they’ve posted the whole thing on the internet for youse. Also, just some more fair warning. Walsh will be doing a reading at the Barnes & Noble Galleria (in Edina, MN) on Tuesday, November 27th. Holy Hannah, there’s a who slew of events. Check them out on the (god I can’t believe I am saying this) MySpace page. Walsh will be on WCCO radio (830 on your AM dial) at 3 p.m. today with Don Shelby talking about the ‘Mats. I can’t tell if there’s a live stream or not, but from what I can tell, the audio will be added here at some point.

Dan Taylor over at Exploitation Retrospect writes a beautiful, thoughtful piece about his love affair with the music of the ‘Mats. Go read it. Now. You will not regret it. (Thanks to AJ for bringing it to my attention).

(sorry, I am still watching Unplugged, and really, I am about to cry listening to Kurt sit there with his guitar and his voice singing Pennyroyal Tea. How much you want to bet I lose my shit when they pull out In the Pines, In the Pines where the sun never shines?)

J’s indie/rock mayhem has a wonderful write up of Slim Dunlap’s “Old New Me” album. It’s really an interesting review. Also, I remember giving this album a bad, bad review when I was in college.

BookExpo America Leader, Lance Fensterman, hits some bookstores in NYC and discovers All Over But the Shouting. I like the part where he says if you don’t love the book and/or the ‘mats he will think less of you.

Okay, so this is interesting: Over at the Beachwood Reporter, Steve Rhodes makes an argument how Avril Lavigne is like The Replacements. You heard it hear first folks. Personally, I think his argument is kind of valid.

New York Magazine gives a short, but hearty endorsement to All Over But the Shouting, comparing the ‘Mats to Charlie Brown (which cracks me up because I just got down reading the kickass Schulz biography).

(in case you are wondering, they just got the Meat Puppets portion of Unplugged so, you aren’t gonna have to suffer through me crying during In the Pines. consider this your lucky day)

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One Comment

  • mimi says:

    there are a lot of authentic young voices out there. i’m not sold on that avril/’mats theory.

    And i think “Let It Be” actually came in at no. 3?

    anyone ever read “Heavier Than Heaven”?