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In the Blogs: Happy New Year edition

By 02.Jan.084 Comments

In the Blogs

Carrie Brownstein formerly of Sleater-Kinney says Paul Westerberg was her poet laureate for a long time.

The Denver Post lists bands that should never be covered again. Riddle me this, what Pixies song did Paul Westerberg cover?

Kirk at Loto Mojo has an aha! moment reading All Over But the Shouting.

This Book is For You chooses 10 of the Best Non-fiction books of 2007 and includes Jim Walsh, Laurie Lindeen and the phenomenal Rob Sheffield.

Ol’ Scott Hudson, one of our fave South Dakotans gives us a rundown of 2007 including some ‘Mats/Westerberg highlights.

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  • Placemat says:

    I can’t imagine what song the Denver Posts thinks Paul covered, but to my knowledge Westerberg has never covered Frank.

  • pauly says:

    i have never heard any covers but shoulda coulda woulda…..head on?!

  • Mark says:

    That’d be “Monkey Gone to Heaven.” I doubt it’s been recorded, but I saw him play that one a handful of years ago.

  • Jodi says:

    Really? Where did he play it?