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In the Blogs: The I promise to be more consistent edition

By 06.Feb.088 Comments

In the Blogs

Bob Mould lists some of his favorite songs for Harp, including “Kiss Me on the Bus.” [via]

Listening to “Eventually” brings up some sad painful memories.

Berkeley Place lists 10 Reasons Paul Westerberg is a Mother-F’in’ Genius (random apostrophization is not mine, i am not afraid to spell fuck).

Give it up for Jim Walsh whose All Over But the Shouting was nominated for a Minnesota Book Award. Yay!

Flea Market Blues has an mp3 of An Interview with Paul Westerberg a promo for Pleased to Meet Me.

Spinal Spirally recounts playing at a ‘Mats Tribute show in Seattle.

In The Morning News Laurie Lindeen writes about her love for LOVE 104, a local radio station (that does in fact rock the casbah).

For the Sake of the Song reviews All Over But the Shouting.

The Midnight Cafe recalls buying “14 Songs” on cassette.

So yeah, here’s some weirdness. I live in a little town called Shakopee which is about 25 minutes south of Minneapolis. I don’t call it a suburb. Anyway, so here is a blog on the Shakopee Valley News’ Web site talking about songwriters and lyrics. And it mentions Paul Westerberg, Tom Waits, and Soul Coughing. Sometimes I love this town.

I don’t know why but I kind of liked this rambly post about songwriting over at adamhillrocks.


I am the queen of the underground, a bad ungrateful bunny.


  • blasty says:

    Loved the Laura Lindeen article. One of my favorite writers.

    When she mentions “I know a male songwriter who always writes about “her” or “she” to hide the fact that he’s writing about himself”, makes you wonder who she’s talking about.

  • jimdracula says:

    Man, you sure is a fan of Lindeen. She’s lucky to have you. What is it about her writing that moves mountains for ye? And does it really make you wonder who she’s talking about with that songwriter remark? Prolly Ben Folds Five, yo.

  • Matt says:

    I went to the Mat’s Tribute night in Seattle last week, and it was incredible! Jim Walsh made me sing “I’m In Trouble” with him per his request. Killer!

  • blasty says:

    Lindeen actually has a good sized fanbase.

    Checking around the web, you’ll find bad reviews of her book, but it turns out that many of them were written by the same person, an obviously disturbed/ obsessed woman who would go onto various fansites, blogs, and YouTube under different names just to trash Laurie and flood the web with bad reviews.
    You could always tell it was the same person because she had an enormously annoying writing style that made Lindeen look like Bill Shakespeare, which was funny in itself.

  • jimdracula says:

    Shit, now that’s funny. Never would have guessed Lindeen would have disturbed/obsessed fans, so good for her, I guess…
    I think you may be a tad touchy/paranoid regarding Lindeen though. One person is responsible for her negative reviews? Hmmm…sounds dubious at best. Maybe you’re too close to the writer to be objective, cuz I noticed when folks posted reviews here – fuck, I even posted I thought Pusher sucked -you seemed to take it personally. Very curious. I wouldn’t venture over to CMI if I were you. Not big fans of your favorite writer.

  • jay says:

    I like Petal Pusher- but for the content, not so much for the actual writing. Didn’t hate it, just seemed kinda there to me. C ish in my book.
    I’d love to see what a Paul book would read like.
    I kind of imagine a very curt Mark Twain style for some reason lol.

  • blasty says:

    No, jimdagula, this disturbed person is not a Lindeen fan. Seems to be more of a PW obsessed fan that will never like anything that his wife writes, out of jealousy.
    And I’m not saying that all of the bad reviews are written by this same person, but the Westerberg fanbase is pretty small- we all read all of the sites and blogs, and have for many years. Anybody that pulls the chickenshit act of trashing someone by using different names to appear to be a crowd should probably change their writing style when doing so.

    What name do you post under on CMI? I’ve never seen a jimdracula post there.

  • jimdracula says:

    I’m still unconvinced and now it sounds like you got your own obsessions going on – Lindeen and Lindeen’s critics.

    It’s also presumptuous to speak for all the Westerberg fans out there and their online reading habits. And you may want to correct an earlier post – did you mean to write that Lindeen has a larger fanbase than Westerberg?

    Not cool to give out personal info for public viewing, so if you want to ask a question – or better still, send B.B.Q. recipes – ask Jodi for my gmail address.