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In the Blogs: No toes were stepped on in the making of this post edition

By 27.Feb.0819 Comments

I am the queen of the underground, a bad ungrateful bunny.


  • Jay says:

    It was worth it. The Xrays look killer above my fireplace;)

  • RJ says:

    It’s startling how much Corey in the first blog sounds like that Irene character that was kicked off MWT. I wonder if “he” was actually a “she”, a la JT LeRoy?

  • blasty says:

    People like Irene Bullock from MWT are the reason that PW can’t go out in public without fear of harm from crazed fans.

    Crazy people have the strength of 10 men.

  • JimDracula says:

    pzp, that was awesome…Keep ’em coming!

    Blasty, I recently read those MWT Irene posts you mentioned & I’m just not understanding all the hate. Must be more to the story. I can certainly come up with better examples of “crazed fans.”

    So this person has a different opinion than yours…BFD.
    It is creepy how you’ve made it so personal though…makes me wonder if Irene is an ex lol.

    Maybe Corey is JT LeRoy! Funny shit.

  • blasty says:

    Many of “this person’s” posts were removed by the administrator. The really crazy posts.

  • Jodi says:

    Nah, Jim, Blasty’s right. Irene Bullock was/is is a total freakshow. She railed against Lindeen because there weren’t any pictures in her book and a bunch of other weird stuff. I remember being totally creeped out by Bullock’s posts.

  • Jimdracula says:

    Fookin’ hell, now I want to read those “really crazy posts”…who doesn’t love a good online trainwreck lol.

    I agree with the “freakshow” when it comes to the MIA photos in Pusher though…wtf? even a self-portrait of zuzu’s petals would’ve been cool lol, but nada…disappointing.

  • blasty says:

    I think that the creepy thing was that that person seemed to want pictures in the book- pictures of PW.

  • Jodi says:

    Yeah, she was really adamant about the PW pics. I wish I could remember the exact content of the posts. All I remember was after reading them you’d get the willies and think, ewww freakshow.

  • RJ says:

    At the end of Petal Pusher, Lindeen writes that she and PW were married. And I remember Irene saying that she had “inside info” that they in fact weren’t married. That would’ve been interesting, except for the fact that her “insider” was something like a two-bit roadie sometime in the ’80s. I mean, Come on!

    I often wish Irene (and by extension her roadie friend) hadn’t have been kicked off that board. I wanted to drink deep from those two fountains of information!

  • blasty says:

    After she got kicked off of MWT, she started posting on different boards, blogs, and Youtube under different names, always with her gripe about the lack of photos and her love of PW.

    Her writing style was unmistakable, always holier-than-thou and with veddy annoying words and phrases.

    Irene (if you’re reading this), you can’t disguise your writing style by adding a “u” to certain words (color, honor) to fool people into thinking you’re british, deliberately misspelling words to deflect attention, and dropping a few f-bombs to make yourself appear male.

  • ButlerSquare says:

    Hold up, Woodward and Bernstein. Bullock is actually an English musician who chuckled up his NWT experience in a Wilco forum, so the joke ain’t on him! He’ll be pleased to know you knuckleheads are still worked up over his “writing style.” Maybe if you clap really hard he’ll post on this board sometime. He’s got a great sense of “humour” and I know the Replacements are in his top five bands.

  • Beats Pickin says:

    Hold up, Lombard. I’m not buying that Irene-Rachel-Jim-Butler-Sybil et al. is an “English musician” who went on the MWT board, acted like a creepy stalker douche, whined about no pictures of PW in Lindeen’s book and then yucked it up on the Wilco board. I’m missing the “funny” in this. Did anyone at Wilco find this amusing? If so, then why? This seems incredibly weak coming from someone with a supposed great sense of humor.

  • blasty says:

    I find it interesting that Butlersquare and Irene post from locations that are only a few miles apart.

    And Loosyana is more than a few miles from England.

    ‘Kay? or should I say “KayKay”?

  • Jimdracula says:

    beats pickin, you mention a Jim in your above post, & I don’t appreciate being involved in some weird internet gossip shit…so leave me out…who is Sybil and Rachel? More creeps on this board? Blasty is trying to find out where people are located…Who does that?

    This board is turning creepy and sinister. Stalker much? Stick to the music. Fans of Westerberg are here to get news about him and The Replacements. The stones are my favorite band, so when I go to their fansite, I sure as fuck don’t want to get updates on their wives & girlfriends…or space devoted to fanatics out to get other fanatics. Knock back a Guinness & fucking cool out.

  • blasty says:

    Geez, Jim, settle down.

    Irene apparently stalks this board, and it was verified when she did exactly what she has been accused of- creating a new profile and writing another diversionary post. Complete with deliberate misspellings.
    It makes me laugh that people actually think they are anonymous when they post on the internet.

  • Jimdracula says:

    Come on Blasty, it’s the internet, you know that loons lurk everywhere – shit my mom had trouble on ebay with someone using her name – so obviously it happens all the time…

    when I first joined I put up with the gossip shit…and now I read slim pickins or whatever the fuck it is, throw my name in the mix. Whoever this person is, it’s a chickenshit nasty move… this is the kind of shit that keeps real music fans off these boards.

    and you don’t know for certain that the Square poster is even the same freakshow as before…devoting all this time to it is probably what they want anyway…my fear is someone will take my name & post on Nickleback fansites.

  • mmr421 says:

    hey blasty, can you identify me and relieve me of my imagined anonymity too?