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Kicking Our Own Asses Assembles Zuzu Petals’ Best for a Limited-Edition Collection

By 02.Apr.08One Comment

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Kicking Our Own Asses Assembles the Band’s Best for a Limited-Edition Collection

Laurie Lindeen Will Appear as a Panelist at SXSW on March 14;
Her Acclaimed Memoir, Petal Pusher, Will Make Its Paperback Debut This Fall

Available For Pre-order March 13 Exclusively From Rhino Handmade

LOS ANGELES—Formed at the dawn of the ’90s in Minneapolis, Zuzu’s Petals were scrappy rock ‘n’ roll dreamers who laced their melancholy but hopeful pop with a dry, biting wit, crunchy guitars and jagged rhythms. The all-girl trio – Coleen Elwood (bass, vocals), Linda Pitmon (drums) and Laurie Lindeen (guitar, vocals) – took the band’s name from the ultimate life-affirming film It’s A Wonderful Life. The band recorded two albums for Twin/Tone as they struggled with inspiring determination and trademark ZuZu’s humor to make it in a man’s world. Listening to these songs today, it becomes clear that these women were truly ahead of their time. Rhino Handmade gathers their most memorable musical moments for a limited-edition single-disc collection. KICKING OUR OWN ASSES: THE BEST OF ZUZU’S PETALS will be available for pre-order March 13 exclusively from for a price of $19.98 and will ship in mid-April. Only 5,000 individually numbered copies of this compilation will be produced.

Recorded between 1990 and 1994 and arranged chronologically, KICKING OUR OWN ASSES opens with “Babblin’ Mules,” a single the trio recorded for Susstones with producer Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum. The track is followed by “Poor Little Rich Girl,” a previously unreleased song recorded in Minneapolis just prior to their breakthrough on the international indie rock scene. Zuzu’s Petals recorded its Twin/Tone debut, When No One’s Looking, to much critical acclaim in 1992 with producer Lou Giordano. The collection offers eight songs from that album, including “God Cries,” “White Trash Love” and “Dork Magnet.”

Before releasing its second album, the band recorded covers of the classic Melanie song “Brand New Key” and a searingly beautiful version of Hüsker Dü’s “Standing By the Sea,” which are included here. The follow-up, The Music Of Your Life, was produced by the legendary Albhy Galuten (The Bee Gees, Barbra Streisand, Cher) and released in 1994. KICKING OUR OWN ASSES presents six songs from that album, including “Love Bullet,” “Chatty Catty” and “Come True.”

Lindeen, the band’s founder, went on to write a memoir about her experience, titled Petal Pusher: A Rock And Roll Cinderella Story. The book is a poignant and funny behind-the-scenes look at music on the front lines that provides an awe-inspiring account of one woman’s fight against a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and her disillusionment with life in the rock underground. The memoir has received rave reviews from authors, musicians and press alike. Cameron Crowe raved that Lindeen “knows how to put her musical soul on every page of this wonderful book.” This fall, the book will be released in paperback for the first time. Prior to that, on Friday, March 14, Lindeen will appear at SXSW as part of a music panel discussing rock memoirs.

Track Listing

1. “Babblin’ Mules”
2. “Poor Little Rich Girl” *
3. “Categories”
4. “Cinderella’s Daydream”
5. “God Cries”
6. “White Trash Love”
7. “Psycho Tavern”
8. “Dork Magnet”
9. “Johanne”
10. “Jackals”
11. “Madrid”
12. “Brand New Key”
13. “Standing By The Sea”
14. “Do Not”
15. “Love Bullet”
16. “Remembering Why”
17. “Chatty Catty”
18. “Come True”
19. “Happy”
20. “Star Baby”

* Previously unreleased


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One Comment

  • scooterboy says:

    i remember seeing zuzu’s 4 or 5 times back in the 90s. they were usually pretty great, and i had a huge crush on linda. hell, all of them, really. girls in bands = hotness. anyway, “do not” is SUCH a great song, but i had completely forgotten about their cover of hd’s “standing by the sea”. it was on a tribute album called something like “the twin cities du husker’s zen arcade”. great shit on there by hammerhead, god’s fave band, the blue up?, and others.

    also, “kicking our own asses” might be the best title for a best of comp ever.