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'Mats Madness

Mats Madness Round 2.1

By 19.Apr.08One Comment

So there’s been issues raised with the legitimacy of the voting since people can vote more than once in each round.  Therefore I’m pulling the plug on the current voting in round 2 and asking you to kindly redirect all your voting to the following site:

Vote here

You should only be able to vote once now from here on out so make it count!  Sorry about all this unprofessionalism.  Things will go smoother next year when we vote on best song!  We’ll give this round an extra day now and let it run until end of day Wednesday.  With the reissues being released on Tuesday and being fresher in people’s minds, will that affect the voting?  Hmmm…interesting.  

One Comment

  • Jake says:

    We are still on the honor system…..I could vote twice but i won’t because I want this to be a legitimate contest….so please don’t vote more than once. I think it will be too much work changing the system again.