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'Mats Madness

Mats Madness – That’s All Folks

By 08.May.08May 17th, 20087 Comments


Well it ain’t lost yet so it’s gotta be a winner.

Let It Be, dominant throughout the whole tournament, prevailed 38-25 over Tim in the championship match. What put Let It Be over the top? Was it the reissue, Jodi’s campaigning, or Lay It Down Clown? Check out how the final bracket shaped out as you try and imagine a Mats’ cover of “One Shining Moment:”


So what did we learn from all this? Folks like All Shook Down more than I thought. Like the Chicago Cubs, Sorry Ma may not be the strongest entry, but it’s got the most die hard fans. Anything else?


  • Jodi says:

    Dear Tim,

    Don’t hate me because I’m a winner, hate be because I’m better.

    I Will Dare (and the Let it Be winners)

  • blasty says:

    Thanks Let It Be!
    I just won a bet with a circus midget friend of mine, and the best thing is that he pays up in car wash tokens and pixie sticks!

    An idea for the next contest would be the individual songs from LIB against the songs from Tim. That could get interesting.

  • pl says:

    Congrats LIB! Also, thank you Some Guy for putting this together.

  • jay says:

    Sorry Ma is still better.
    And Blasty, the fact that you have a “circus midget friend…”
    well, you just fucking rule.

    Surrounded by non-carney folk in Austin-long sigh-,

  • blasty says:

    Don’t worry Jaytaco, there are plenty of circus freak types near Texas- you’re just not looking hard enough.

  • Dee Dee says:

    Just want to say that I really liked the detail on the photoshop. To include the LP cover on the jumbotron is the sort of attention to detail we all need more of!

  • blasty says:

    But who would win in a fight between Let It Be, Tim, and Mike Ditka?