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In the Blogs: Look I remembered edition

By 14.May.0811 Comments

In the Blogs

City Pages unearths the now-famous ‘Lovelines’ issue.

Paul Westerberg as best friend, a short and sweet piece I think y’all can relate to.

The Washington Post has a nice interview with Laurie Lindeen about Petal Pusher

10 Quotes from SPIN’s Story on the Replacements

A Crash Course in The Replacements, in case you need a refresher.

Crawdaddy republishes a 1987 article about Husker Du and The ‘Mats

Okay, so this is a review of the new Tobias Wolff short story collection, and I link to it for two reasons:
1.) Tobias Wolff is brilliant and you should read him
2.) The review likens remembering the first time you read Tobias Wolff (Vodo’s Beginning Fiction class 2003) to the first time you heard the ‘Mats (The Camaraderie’s jukebox 1994 or 1995)


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